How to Stretch to Improve Posture in 10 Minutes

How to Stretch to Improve Posture in 10 Minutes

How to Stretch to Improve Posture in 10 Minutes

Eagle Pose
When going to do this movement you have to stand straight and the position of the legs open. The first hand is at a position of 90 degrees in front of our face. While the other hand encircles the hand that is already in position. Then both hands pull each other to do this movement for about 10 seconds.

Side Lateral Stretch

This situation is still carried out in an upright standing position, both hands are pulled up all over. After that, your hands are directed from left to right alternately. Pull both hands to the maximum to have maximum results too.

Upper Trapezius Stretch

Igrejasirianortodoxa – This movement will make your head pressed against the shoulders. To align make sure the head is directed between the left and right alternately. So that you don’t bend over with one hand holding your back or pressing it. You do this movement by standing up straight to get a relaxed movement

Phil Darru Stretching

At the beginning of this movement, you have to sleep first, but you don’t stick your whole body to the floor. So the hips until your buttocks do not stick. Then the left leg is bent closer to the chest while floating position. Perform alternating leg movements. The Phill Darru Stretching movement can also be done with the legs straight and held. But the state of the back to the feet remains floating.

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Bird Dog

Do this movement with your knees on your knees and the position of the legs in a straight line, as well as the hands, should be straight. But between the legs and arms move across. Stay consistent and this movement does not need to be too fast for you to achieve good results.

Greatest Stretch

Place the feet parallel to the hands but the feet in question are the feet opposite the hand position. While the legs are in line with the arms straight. And the other hand will go up too.

Supine Piriformis Stretch

Which this movement you have to sleep but the position of the legs is bent and interrelated. For your hands, you have to pull the foot that is the support so that it doesn’t fall.

Pigeon Pose

Prepare your legs to stretch and bend your legs. Straight body position on bent legs. Just bend one leg, and keep the other leg straight so it doesn’t interfere when you’re looking down.

Knee to Chest

For this movement, you have to sleep with one leg in the direction of the chest. Of course, do this movement alternately.

Double to Chest

This position is the same as knee to chest, the difference is that the legs are both in the arms of the chest.