Tips to Make the Brain Not Slow

Tips to Make the Brain Not Slow

Tips to Make the Brain Not Slow

Of course, so that the brain does not become sluggish, not only from frequent reading or frequent interactions. But there are other programs that you can make your brain not become sluggish. A slow brain can happen not because you are lazy. But those of you who are tired of all activities, due to drugs or whatever the effects. Because actually the human brain has been created in such a way and there are no stupid humans. It’s just that there are people who rarely hone their skills.
The Slow brain is not only obtained in the elderly or the elderly. However, there are also teenagers and adults who often experience it. Moreover, people who are depressed will easily have a slow brain. If you are feeling sluggish lately you can do activities like this,


Igrejasirianortodoxa – Did you know that if you want to be considered smart you have to read a lot of books or whatever? If you want to do sports, of course, do the easy things first and get used to doing it all consistently. By doing everything regularly then you can greatly improve your mind. Exercise is good for the brain you can do meditation.

Sleep Pattern

Regulating sleep patterns is very important. If you want to live a healthy life, you have to take care of your sleep pattern. There are times when it works but works at the right time. If you are a very hard worker but don’t get enough sleep, don’t blame yourself if you are often forgetful. The right sleep hours for adults is 7 to 9 hours.


You who choose a drink that carelessly or drunkenly will not help the performance of your brain. But those of you who choose drinks such as green tea or coffee will help a little more. You can choose the type of drink orange juice, blueberry juice, turmeric, or beetroot juice as drink choice to increase brain intelligence

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Improving brain performance also needs help from the brain. Don’t eat unhealthy food. Because unhealthy foods can damage the workings of the brain.. But those of you who choose foods that are rich in nutrients will receive good intake to the brain too. For Foods that are good for the brain, you can try foods that contain omega-3 fats or vitamin K. Types of foods such as fish, blueberries, eggs or nuts are very influential.


Channeling a hobby is one way you can improve brain intelligence. Sensory and cognitive development will work then. Besides being smarter, of course, you will feel more stable with the hobbies you have. channel hobbies to improve brain thinking. whatever the hobby can be an activity that helps improve my memory.

Those of you who want to improve brain performance better fix all the mistakes that exist in yourself. Do you often lack sleep, eat less, or exercise rarely and almost never? Fix everything from scratch. Nothing is easy to do but you who are consistent will easily achieve goals and become a different person than usual.