Long Standing Effect

Long Standing Effect

Long-Standing Effect

Have you ever stood for a long time and felt your eyes were not strong enough to close your eyes? But your position is not sleepy? Have you ever felt very tired when standing for too long even though you are used to doing activities? There are many things that trigger you to get tired easily when standing for too long. It doesn’t stop there, there are effects that appear when you stand too long. Long-Standing Effect


  1. Joint pain
  2. Spinal abnormalities
  3. Varicose veins

So that those of you who always stand do not have obstacles one day. Igrejasirianortodoxa

So what you need to do is

a. Watch your weight
b. Use a special floor
c. Change standing position

people who have jobs are always standing naturally and can’t avoid it. So they need to get around these things. There is nothing wrong if you do various things so that your work is not disturbed and conditions continue to improve.

sore and sore feet//work while standing

For sufferers of anemia or sleep deprivation, of course, you should avoid standing too long. People who stand for too long certainly have to have a firm attitude towards themselves so that there are no obstacles one day. If someone with low blood pressure stands too long it will cause fainting or can start from staggering.