How to Overcome Fever

How to Overcome Fever

How to Overcome Fever

Fever is a heartburn that is so mild, but those of you who can’t handle fever properly will only make things worse. The fever actually came not suddenly. Because there are symptoms that are often ignored by everyone. And actually, a fever can come from someone who never takes care of it.

Anyone can feel a fever, even babies. Fever is thought to be just internal heat, but for the owner, it is not just like that. There are various feelings experienced by people who have a fever. Of course, there are those who feel dizzy, nauseous, have a toothache, have swollen eyes, and so on. The fever experienced by many people has different effects depending on the conditions at that time. If before the fever you have had a toothache, then the fever peaks will make the teeth swollen. Or someone who is sick with a fever is feeling his eyes throbbing, that is, before he was experiencing eye problems.

Initial symptoms of fever

Throat section – Igrejasirianortodoxa
If you feel that there is saliva that is so thick that it enters the body, this is an early symptom of a fever.

Deep Heat

What is meant by internal heat is when there is cold weather but the sufferer actually feels the heat. It is a symptom that is rarely understood by many people.

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A cough is a symptom of fever which is usually accompanied by a sore throat. But people actually feel that coughing is a trivial illness.

The treatment

When someone has a fever, you don’t need to panic. What needs to be done is

Drink water

By continuing to drink water, the internal heat will come out through the urine. You can drink water in warm or normal conditions. It’s okay if you have to go back and forth to the bathroom because you drink too much water. Because a quick antipyretic medicine is to drink lots of water.

Internal Fever-Reducing Drugs

For the hot medicine that will be taken later, you must know who will be given it to. Because the levels of hot medicine are different. Immediately take it to the hospital when the child starts to have a high fever. Make sure to take medicine regularly so that the fever can go down quickly


Very often people who have a fever are reluctant to eat and that is the wrong way. Fever will quickly go down and recover with the right stage of treatment.. Make sure the food that enters the mouth has a delicious taste so that the mouth is not bland. And don’t ever eat greasy or hard food when you have a fever. Because people with fever want food that is crunchy and delicious so that their sense of taste returns.

Sleep without wind

People who have a fever will be better off sleeping without a fan. Excessive heat is not good for the body. Make sure you sleep wrapped in a thick blanket. Which by enveloping would make one sweat.If the body has started to sweat, it means that the signs are starting to heal are visible.

It’s so easy to treat fever, but it’s rare to practice it in detail. In fact, many people underestimate fever to experience pain for days. Avoid cold drinks and food. Can enjoy it but not every day. Because cold drinks actually make the body heat up in them.