In Old Age Often Sleepy

In Old Age Often Sleepy

In Old Age Often Sleepy

Have you often seen the elderly often sleep? Actually, this is normal, because when you were young, there were many activities that were given until when you were elderly, the body lacked support. So what causes it and can it be fixed?

Do you need to know why the elderly often sleep continuously? Because the hours of sleep at night are disturbed. With irregular sleeping hours, it is easy for the elderly to fall asleep again. Sleep disturbance at night makes him sleepy all day. Especially if the elderly get up early, they will easily get sleepy during the day and can sleep repeatedly.

The elderly factor likes to sleep

Psychological – Igrejasirianortodoxa
If you still have an elderly family, then you don’t need to pay attention to the level of depression. Don’t let older people think about things that are not or are too stressful.

Drug Influence

If there are medicines that parents have to take for a long time, there is no need to be surprised if there is a drug effect. There are drugs that have an effect at night that makes you sleepy during the day.

Recognize the symptoms and factors//fatigue
Respiratory disorder

People who have respiratory problems will easily have sleep disturbances. If snoring stops just like that, it will make it difficult for someone to sleep.

Body Functions

If the body’s function is not running normally, when darkening occurs, even though it is still during the day, it will make a person sleepy. However, at night the lights are so bright that the owner of the body cannot sleep. That is why people who have symptoms like this like to sleep.

Foot stomp

A person who repeatedly taps their feet unknowingly causes sleep disturbances. Older parents often wake up at night.

Do some activities that make fatigue disappear. But when it comes to age, you have to start maintaining your body’s stamina, set enough sleep time. If you don’t have a solution to dealing with sleep problems, you can consult a doctor.