Causes of Often Sleepy

Causes of Often Sleepy

Causes of Often Sleepy

People who are often sleepy are usually caused by lack of sleep, fatigue, or certain diseases. A good time to wake up for the body is when a person can wake up on their own. If someone who experiences sleep deprivation will be prone to have mistakes in doing something. People who lack sleep are also prone to depression and will be less focused on their job.

Some of the things that make people sleepy are:

Depression – Igrejasirianortodoxa
What is meant by depression is a problem with a person’s mental condition. If a person can not deal with depression then he will have a prolonged feeling of resentment. If you have experienced prolonged irritation then a person can experience prolonged sleepiness as well. That’s why parents shouldn’t think too much, because maintaining the mental health of parents is more difficult than taking care of the mental health of small children.

Restless Leg Syndrome

sleep deprivation//fatigue

What causes people to often feel sleepy is the leg that hurts. Of course, often sleepy because painful feet will make the owner of the legs sleep-deprived. Of course, painful feet can be felt by anyone, including the elderly.


Included in parasomnia is sleep sex, banging the head while sleeping, or even sleepwalking.

Understand some things that can cause drowsiness. Or you can do therapy using aromatherapy or do more activities in the morning until the afternoon that is positive. IReducing activity for body health. Check with your doctor immediately if you still feel tired.

Having symptoms of lack of sleep will certainly make activities ineffective. Especially when the age is old, the body will feel very tired.