Dizzy from Smelling Perfume

Dizzy from Smelling Perfume

Dizzy from Smelling Perfume

Have any of you smelled perfume making you dizzy? If so, what did you do? Surely you stay away from someone who uses this perfume right? Of course, it’s not your fault that smelling oil makes you dizzy.

Smelling the aroma of perfume makes you dizzy, which can be caused by excess chemicals. Those of you who used to smell chemicals often will make you dizzy if you smell them for too long.

The human body was never designed to receive the scent of perfume forever let alone every day. Even though it’s the nose that smells, it’s our brain that acts. People who smell a fragrance will certainly make themselves very annoyed because they can make headaches, vomit, or have difficulty concentrating.

Nose piercing aroma

Igrejasirianortodoxa – Dangers of people who are dizzy because of the smell of perfume
Never underestimate someone who doesn’t like perfume. Because people don’t like the smell of perfume. Because it will cause fatal effects. The effects of fragrances that are not liked can make someone sick all day. The effect for people who don’t like the smell of fragrances is

2. Dizz

not strong and the head immediately dizzy//head feels heavy

Nausea / Vomiting

Hard to concentrate.