Why do veins swell?

Why do veins swell?

Why do veins swell?

Are there any protruding veins in your legs or arms? Don’t worry it’s not a bad or scary thing. The reason is people who like to lift weights will definitely make some of the veins very clear on the surface of the skin. Not only in men can the veins stand out but women can too. Those of you who see a woman’s hand with protruding veins indicate that she is a hardworking woman.

The exact reason why the veins can be more prominent is


Someone who is too thin will make the veins become more prominent. Of course, human veins are not only in the legs but also in the hands. People who have a thinner bodies will definitely make a few more prominent veins. Igrejasirianortodoxa


people who often lift weights or exercise often trigger the veins to stand out more. You can see that athletes who have large veins are the result of the hard work they have done so far.

Varicose veins

often lift weights//look at the muscles

Varicose veins will usually be seen on the legs and the unique thing is that varicose veins are often only found in women. What triggers varicose veins are people who stand too long. If you see someone working only standing, it easily triggers varicose veins.

Veins that just stick out won’t cause anything and won’t be dangerous. What is dangerous is that if there is bleeding, a rash on the skin, or swelling, you definitely need a doctor’s appointment.