How to Strengthen memory

How to Strengthen memory

How to Strengthen memory

It’s not your fault if you often forget. Because there are many things that make you often forget. Anyone can get low memory power. The reason is that people who have a decreased memory can make themselves more unstable and make themselves insecure. How to Strengthen memory

Actually, to strengthen memory in the brain, you can do it in an easy way like


Igrejasirianortodoxa – Exercise is not just training body fitness but exercise is also able to StrengthenMemory. If you have memory problems, make sure you do regular exercise. The function of exercise is to smooth the blood so that exercise will allow you to channel yourself before your activity.


Indeed, there are many activities that you have done all day, but instead of just playing or watching social media, you better do something positive. Choose the type of game that triggers a stronger memory. Games that strengthen memory are playing puzzles or filling in crosswords.

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People sometimes underestimate sleep hours. Indeed, there is nothing wrong if you work hard to achieve your dreams, but those of you who are well-rested are able to make your memory better. Try to sleep for 8 hours so you can focus more on the next day.