Symptoms and origin of Stretchmark

Symptoms and origin of Stretchmark

Symptoms and origin of Stretchmark

The origin of the Streatchmark is from being overweight, so red lines are like strokes. Stretchmarks can appear anywhere, including the breasts, buttocks, thighs, arms, armpits, or stomach. Initially, stretch marks appear with a reddish color interspersed with a bluish color. But when the stretch mark has improved thanks to the weight that has started to stabilize, it will turn white. Symptoms and origin of Stretchmark Igrejasirianortodoxa

Triggers for stretch marks

Drug Effect
Less Collagen

Various kinds of stretchmark triggers certainly cannot be avoided, especially for women. Because women are very prone to stretch marks. Women who are pregnant will definitely experience weight gain and if it is excessive, it is certainly not something that can be regulated. Because being pregnant with a child sometimes can’t be controlled just like that. But people who can regulate their diet are less likely to develop stretch marks.

start taking care of the body//early symptoms

Maintain body balance

While the presence of stretchmarks due to lack of collagen is the effect of less oil on the skin. Of course, humans need not only water but oil in the body so that everything becomes balanced.

Stretchmark is not a disease or other dangerous thing that will make you confused to deal with it. However, a stretch mark is a stroke that appears due to certain factors. The healing process of stretch marks depends on you who undergo it. If you are getting overweight then it will be difficult to cure it.