Stomach pain factor

Stomach pain factor

Stomach pain factor

Feeling a sudden stomachache even though there is nothing suspicious is of course very surprising. But what makes the effect of stomach pain is not eating wrong, but people who experience the wrong eating hours and have the wrong diet will cause stomach pain. Stomach pain accompanied by defecation will make you confused, but not to worry.

Because abdominal pain due to defecation is the effect of lack of food intake and when you eat your food too many foods contain fiber. So don’t be surprised if your stomach will be drained as much as possible because of the wind in the stomach plus there is a boost of fiber in the food.

Digest food

Foods that contain lots of fiber will have a very good effect on digestion. So for those of you who have complaints about digestion, it is better to choose fibrous foods such as potatoes, carrots, vegetables, and beans, of course, these are foods that when put together are very good for digestion. But make sure that when you are going to deal with digestion, don’t let food be filled in the morning, because it will make you experience StomachPain.

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Treat stomach ache

Igrejasirianortodoxa – When you are going to treat StomachPain, it is better for you to know what kind of pain you are experiencing. Because different types of stomach pain will be different ways of treatment. Pain due to improper digestion makes the stomach experience diarrhea. Defecation that does not stop makes the body weak. To treat it, you can take ORS.

The cause can be stomachpain due to late eating. Then you should immediately take medicine from the doctor. Because the recommended ulcer medicine will have a different effect if you buy it on the market. The cure for stomachpain due to colds is to pass gas. You can also go to the doctor. Doctors will give special injections for patients with severe abdominal pain.

Experiencing various kinds of stomachpain. Almost everyone feels it. No need to panic to deal with stomach pain with mild initial symptoms, we can provide some easy solutions. Immediately take him to the hospital if the stomach pain gets worse.