Influenza is the flu. If you hear the word flu, it must be in your mind that it is just an ordinary disease. Moreover, the flu can be treated with over-the-counter drugs. But the flu can be contagious to anyone. Of course, it will not feel good if you get the flu. The impact of getting the flu can vary depending on the condition of the body.


Flu can be transmitted because of the air and through saliva. If you see someone who has the flu, you shouldn’t get too close. If people who have the flu don’t immediately clean themselves, such as washing their hands, in cleaning it, of course, it will be easily transmitted to anyone. Flu transmission is actually faster than other diseases and of course, even just the flu can make people around it affected. Those who can be infected with the flu can be felt by 1 or more than 2 people. Igrejasirianortodoxa

How to Treat

Of course, you don’t need to panic when you have the flu, because there are many medicines that you can take. If you don’t really like drugs from the pharmacy, you can use the old way from natural ingredients. And make sure when you have a cold you get enough rest and fulfill your nutritional health properly.

Someone who lacks rest and unhealthy food patterns will make the body less resistant. Pay attention to nutritional intake such as eating nuts, fruit that contains vitamin C, fish, and lean meat. By providing healthy food for the body, of course, it’s not only the flu that doesn’t dare to come close, but other diseases won’t come close either.

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Prevent Flu

Actually preventing the flu from coming is from a diet, adequate rest, and drinking water. From all that has been mentioned, it is actually very easy but many people make it easy. Because there are several factors that cause someone to forget the recommendation. So it’s no wonder someone will catch the flu easily. If a person is unable to carry out the pattern of preventing the flu, then there are other illnesses that will usually accompany her, such as fever.