Avoid after tooth extraction

Avoid after tooth extraction

Things to avoid when you have a toothache, including after removing a tooth

Having problems with toothache, of course, cannot be avoided if you have had your period. People who have toothache will definitely be more careful because they don’t want to experience the same pain. Toothache is indeed an easy matter to treat only if ordinary people judge it. But for those who feel treated it is not that easy. Because the pain experienced by each tooth is not just from the crown or gums, but there are other problems that people rarely know about.

Toothache can be caused by many things including

  • Pain in the nerves
  • Pain in the gums
  • Pain in the crown of the tooth and others.

The thing to watch out for when you have a toothache so you don’t continue to get sick is
Heavy lifting – Igrejasirianortodoxa
Make sure when you have a toothache because the nerves don’t lift weight often. Because the nerves are interconnected with your body when you continue to lift weights. Maybe those who haven’t felt pain in the nerves, think it’s a trivial part of a toothache. But those of you who feel it won’t say the same thing because there will be a difference when you finish lifting weights

Try when you have a toothache don’t eat too much. Because the teeth are always pounding to bite food will not hurt when the teeth are chewing. Because the pain comes after the teeth are not chewing. Not only from the point of frequent eating but even hot food you shouldn’t do when you have a toothache. If you eat hot food repeatedly, you can experience a toothache in the nerve that is quite deep. And make sure the food that triggers a toothache is not eaten first. It’s better if you avoid it so that the healing is more stable.

weak nerves//avoid

Try not to squat too long when you have a toothache. Squatting for too long puts pressure on the nerves and blood vessels. You are crouching and looking down too much will make your teeth ache even more. Because the body weight of the legs is related to every muscle nerve, it’s not surprising that your teeth put more pressure on them.