How to get rid of black scars

How to get rid of black scars

How to get rid of black scars

How to get rid of black scars

If you have scarred skin on your feet or hands, you can use this method to get rid of them. To get rid of it you need to be consistent and patient so you can achieve maximum results. Nothing is easy to do if there is no patience.

Consumption of Vitamin C Fruit

People who often consume fruit with vitamin C are able to disguise scars and provide elasticity to the skin. The content of vitamin C can only occur in oranges and lemons. Igrejasirianortodoxa


Give a massage to the area that has scars. People have scars, a sign that their skin lacks collagen. People who lack collagen, of course, will easily have black scars for a long time. Give oil to the part where there are marks at least 3 to 4 times a day so that the color fades more.

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How to use red onions is very easy because you only need to split one part of the onion into 2. Then you rub the part of the onion on the wound you need. Use this method at night. Because at night the blood flow changes very easily and makes the skin experience changes more quickly.


Kencur is an interesting alternative for dealing with scars. But the use of Kencur is not just sliced and rubbed, there are other ways that you can use Kencur. The method used is that you mix rice and Kencur and then mash until smooth. So that Kencur and rice can blend together like ointment, you can use soaking rice water to mix.

Vitamin E

You can take advantage of fruits or medicines that contain vitamin E. because vitamin E will provide collagen to the skin.