Dental Care

Dental Care

Dental Care

Teeth, of course, are very important, that’s why it’s recommended to check your teeth every 6 months. Teeth that are in the mouth if they are damaged or dirty will cause several diseases to grow in the body. Dental Care

There are many ways you can do to care for your teeth, but very few people do it because there are so many reasons. Underestimating dental health certainly underestimates health in the body. Because all the diseases that exist in the body, of course, do not necessarily grow just like that, there are other impulses that cause disease to settle in the body.

There are several ways to do dental care


Brushing your teeth at least 2x a day will reduce cavities. To be cleaner, make sure you brush your teeth, not just that part, but all parts of the mouth. Brushing your teeth will naturally kill germs and prevent your teeth from looking yellow. Igrejasirianortodoxa


Why is mouthwash so necessary? Because mouthwash can get rid of bad breath, although basically bad breath can come from not drinking enough water or because of a fever. But mouthwash is done every day to make teeth and mouth fresher.

Clean the tongue

bad breath is gone//inspection

Cleaning your tongue is just as important as cleaning your teeth. If the tongue is not cleaned, there will be a lot of dirt buildup that causes bad breath.

Having dream teeth is of course important and a dream for everyone. However, the problem is the feeling of laziness that many people have about brushing their teeth. Usually, someone will brush their teeth regularly if there are problems with their teeth. But the truth is that cleaning your teeth regularly can make your teeth last into old age.