Measles is a fairly dangerous disease. If it is clear that you have measles, then you should immediately have it checked by a doctor. Measles will make the body sicker than a normal fever and besides that. It can bring other diseases together such as fever.

Symptoms that appear

  • Very high fever
  • The eyeball part turns red
  • Cough
  • Have a cold
  • Prolonged fatigue
  • Decreased appetite
  • Swollen eyelids

Factors that Trigger the Disease:

Igrejasirianortodoxa – There are many things that can cause a person to get measles
Decreased body stamina
Often work outdoors but always drink cold all the time
Vitamin A deficiency
Transmission from various parties because measles is a virus that can spread quickly.

Form and characteristics
recognize the symptoms//picture

A person who has measles will have the following characteristics:

There are red spots on the face and all over the body. Usually, small red spots do not appear all over. Because it comes back from the stamina of the owner of the body if the owner of the body still has good immunity then the spots appear only on certain parts of the body.

Pale face

A person who has measles cannot have a normal facial color. Usually, there are those who experience a pale white face color or even a wide blushing face.

High fever
Fever followed by small spots, of course, is measles, which cannot be doubted. The patient’s fever usually reaches 40 degrees Celsius.

Measles is not dangerous but needs to be watched out for because it will cause death if not treated immediately. Because the first sign of measles is a high fever. From this fever, if the patient is not strong, then you need to be vigilant. The method of treatment is

  • Drink hot water or plain water. Drinking lots of water can of course relieve fever. One of the triggers for fever is a lack of water which should be consumed regularly.
  • Adequate rest will certainly not only leave measles but other diseases. If a person lacks rest then he will get various kinds of diseases.
  • Take medicine, and check your condition if you get measles. By taking pain relievers or other drugs, of course, the measles pain will go down and disappear very easily.