What to do when you have a toothache

What to do when you have a toothache

What to do when you have a toothache

Don’t just pull your teeth because your teeth are sick. There are many factors that make your teeth hurt so you have to assess them and have them checked by a dentist. Those of you who predict wrongly will make your teeth run out quickly because they are pulled out. The following are steps when experiencing a toothache.

Pay attention to what part hurts

For those of you who have complaints of toothache, you can hold it using a sterile iron and tap it on your teeth. You tap on the back, front, and gums. If you are afraid of being knocked, of course, you can feel which part of the tooth hurts. Does it hurt because of porous teeth or pain in the nerves? If you are still unsure, you can buy toothache sedatives at the nearest pharmacy. Igrejasirianortodoxa

Dental care

A toothache that has been reduced, of course, must immediately be examined by a doctor further. Because if you have a toothache, you will only be given medicine. If a toothache is not inflamed, if it is examined, it is very easy for the doctor to find out which part of the pain it is and what to do. Dental treatment will be carried out if the condition of the teeth on the gums is still very good. If you want safer dental treatment, it’s better to do dental x-rays. By doing an X-ray, it will be known which part of the nerve or only the crown needs to be treated.

Tooth extraction

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The tooth extraction step is the final step because the tooth that has been treated and patched but still hurts has no way out but to pull it out. Make sure those of you who are going to pull out your teeth have filled your stomach. Because when doing tooth extraction requires energy. Even if you are not the one pulling the teeth, the extracted teeth will easily starve the patient.

So that you avoid toothache you better brush your teeth properly. Stay away from or reduce sweet foods if you don’t want your teeth to be damaged. Having unhealthy teeth, of course, you can achieve healthy teeth for a very long time.