Swollen eyes

Swollen eyes

Swollen eyes

The eye is the sensory organ that most people want, of course, without healthy eyes. Of course, if a human or animal had no eyes it would not look perfect. What makes a person perfect is to have a whole body that is healthy and complete. Without eyes, you will not be able to see the contents of the world freely.

What triggers puffy eyes, of course, there are many things like Igrejasirianortodoxa

  • Allergy
  • Pimple
  • Fatigue
  • menstrual factor
    And factors due to other diseases

Characteristics of eye pain

People who are experiencing eye pain, of course, have different characteristics of pain. If it’s just itching and redness, maybe you can overcome it by washing it with plain water. If you experience eye pain, don’t immediately panic, but pay attention to what’s wrong and why your eyes hurt. Here are the characteristics

  • Itchy
  • Redness
  • bump
  • Swollen
  • Eyelid Color In general, sore eyes only have these characteristics. If eye pain has been experienced for several days, you should have your eyes checked by a doctor.

How to deal with puffy eyes
When looking for a solution for sore eyes, you must first identify what is causing it, whether it is due to allergies or other factors. If it’s due to allergies you definitely have to avoid foods that you shouldn’t. Here’s how to deal with puffy eyes

  • Compress
    Compress the eyes with cold water or warm water. Compress the eye with plain water that is put in a container or compress the eye with a tea bag, of course, you can choose according to your taste.
  • Eye drops
    If you feel tired, you can use eye drops to treat inflammation. But if you have an allergy that is more severe, don’t ever use eye medication without first consulting a doctor.
  • Rinse
    Rinse with warm water if there is mucus on the eyelids. Do it slowly if the mucus or dirt in the eye is so sticky.
rest eyes//eye compress

If the condition of the eye gets worse like
The swelling doesn’t go away
Blurred vision
Pain that gets worse when the eyeball is moved

Of course, this needs special attention so that the eyes don’t get worse. A good eye is an eye that is treated.