How to treat toothache naturally

How to treat toothache naturally

How to treat toothache naturally

A toothache that is not immediately cured will cause swelling. Having a toothache certainly doesn’t make limbs any better. Toothache that is continuously endured will make it difficult for you to concentrate and make other teeth more susceptible to disease. Here’s how to treat a sore tooth naturally with first aid

Salt Water Gargle

igrejasirianortodoxa – If you rinse your mouth with salt water it will reduce the pain in your teeth. Salt will also kill germs. Usually gargling salt water with a mixture of warm water quickly removes bacteria.


If your cheek has started to swell due to the effects of a toothache, you can use warm water or cold water to compress the sore part. With a water compress, the swollen part will be deflated.

steps to treat teeth//equipment

Because the taste and aroma are so strong that many people rarely use it. If you want to use turmeric then you need to mash it first. But it would be better to mash the turmeric with a little water to make a paste. After it becomes a paste, apply it to the gums slowly.

To treat toothache, you can use first aid steps. Use some of the usual steps in dealing with a toothache. If you feel pain, go to the doctor immediately. It can be dangerous and cause swollen teeth.

Toothache can occur due to many things or causes, so you need to make sure in advance what you can do for the healing process. By knowing what are the causes of toothache, you can treat it more easily. In caring for teeth do not wait for damaged or porous teeth. This can cause you great pain. Do some maintenance in preventing cavities or broken teeth.