How to clean residual blood during menstruation

How to clean residual blood during menstruation

How to clean residual blood during menstruation

Menstruation is a very normal menstrual process for women. Having regular menstrual periods will make you a fresh person. Menstruation really cannot be regulated when it comes and stops, but the cycle will always run once a month in the normal term. How to clean residual blood during menstruation

Menstrual blood will appear in every normal woman, even so not all menstrual blood appears clean. There must be remnants that appear during the next month, indeed they can’t come out until the menstrual blood has run out. Of course, there will definitely be residual menstrual blood that has stagnated in the human body, but there are various ways so that the residue can come out, although not completely


Igrejasirianortodoxa – Exercising is very important for the body. Even though women are experiencing menstruation, exercise is still needed. You can compare when you are menstruating or not exercising if someone often experiences stomach cramps. You don’t need too much exercise so that blood can come out properly, but regular exercise will make blood circulation regular.


Drink plenty of water during menstruation. Someone during menstruation certainly has a feeling of heat in the body so they have to drink lots of water. Drinking lots of water will make the body fresher and prevent the body from drying out.

Healthy food

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All foods are definitely healthy, but during menstruation, you have to determine which healthy foods you need to consume. During menstruation, look for foods that contain iron because menstrual blood that comes out a little indicates you have anemia. Types of foods that contain anemia are spinach leaves, red meat, and cassava.

Having residual blood during menstruation is actually normal. Because the next menstrual period will make the remaining blood come out without having to be asked. If you want to expel it forcibly, you have to use medical equipment.