Blood Appears Not during menstruation

Blood Appears Not during menstruation

Blood Appears Not during menstruation

The blood in question does not appear during menstruation instead of menstruation which is a rare thing. Because of this condition not everyone experiences it. Having menstrual conditions appears not the time of course makes the body not as healthy as at the time of menstruation. Because removing menstruation is not the time to make the body weaker and make the body sicker.

Women’s menstruation is generally once a month, but not everyone can be regular. The condition of regular menstruation depends on the stamina of each person and also depends on the activities that are carried out. Being too active in activities will make menstruation time come many times. Igrejasirianortodoxa

What causes excessive menstruation

  1. sick
    Someone who is experiencing pain such as fever, of course, will make menstruation come many times than usual. People who experience pain other than fever can also make menstruation come back like measles or things that trigger heartburn which is quite high.
menstruation so irregular//blood color

Lack of rest

Someone who is in too much activity will certainly make the body very tired. The body will easily read if it is actually too hot inside so it makes the body excrete menstrual remnants. For that why humans should be able to set healthy lifestyles right.

Menstruation that comes back is usually not the same as during the first round, but only appears like black remnants of menstruation. Even if only remnants appear, of course, it makes changes to the body. Because the appearance of the remnants of menstruation can make the lips paler and the body will ache.